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GVW TechNews

With a stylized layout inspired by Google’s Material Design concept, TechNews is a complete magazine portal and review website WordPress theme. Pick from multiple animated grid-style header layouts to showcase your important posts, and let your visitors take control with switchable post listing styles and video player overlays so users don’t even need to leave the frontpage to see your latest trailers. What’s more, a built-in review score functionality and in-post slideshows provide a dynamic, interesting frame for your post content. TechNews is also fully-responsive so it looks great on all screen sizes from mobile to desktop, and there’s even prepared advertising banner space in the theme so monetizing your site is easy as can be. Save yourself the stress of building a complex review website; you’ll find everything you need ready to go in TechNews!

Put consumers first with review score functionality

With so many interesting tech products on the market it can be daunting for consumers to hunt down the device that’s right for them. Take advantage of TechNews review functionality to display product ratings across multiple categories in an animated layout, letting visitors see your expert opinion at a glance so they can make the right purchase. Want to show off a product’s style? In-article slideshows that blend seamlessly with the written content can display multiple photos with automatic transitions, making for a modern post layout that gives even the biggest review sites a run for their money!

Four different headers add diverse style options

Pick a header look that suits your audience; go for an animated carousel-style that boasts expanding hover animations and large images, or touch-friendly grid layouts with beautiful borderless images that highlight multiple articles at a glance. With professional-grade design, your site’s first impression can make an impact that inspires readers to discover the wealth of content you have to offer. What’s more, switching between headers is as easy as switching an option in the Theme Customizer with a live preview for changes, so you can experiment to find the perfect header for your needs.

Offer convenient video content on your frontpage

Multimedia content is a core part of any tech review site; users like to be able to see products in action to better inform their buying decisions. TechNews makes watching video content on your site more comfortable than ever with a dedicated videos section on the frontpage to highlight your video posts; users can click on the post title to navigate to the post as normal, or click on the preview image to load the video in a popup overlay so they can watch the video directly on the frontpage. The great part is, you don’t even need to do anything special except decide what posts to display; our special plugin will automatically pull the embedded video from the article, no additional setup needed.

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