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JA Events II

JA Events II is the responsive Joomla event template dedicated for event organizers. Whether you’re a professional events manager or one-off organizer, this Joomla template for events will help you to plan for successful events.

JA Events II features two most favorite Joomla extensions for events by our community: JEvents and Events Booking. The Joomla template for events management saves you time to get your events page up and running in few hours. Events II is light, beautiful and useful for all events manager. With help from Email Beautifier, the mails sent to users are no longer boring and ugly. JA Events will also support JTicketing to form a perfect event booking system for you.

JA Events II allows you to create a Joomla powered site for both single events and multiple ones. With an inviting homepage, big hero images, a list of events, event details with location, calendar and so much more; Events II is a new must-have Joomla template for all event managers. You will be able to set up an event site with nice schedule, beautiful speaker details, easy to find Google map location, multiple custom pages, themed color.

Moreover, nowadays your event attendees use mobile, therefore JA Events II is fully responsive to ensure the best experience when access your events site. The template also supports regular layouts of Joomla, so one can also use the same for developing regular Joomla sites too.

We developed an optimized Joomla template for events, but it’s just the beginning. With T3 Framework, you have all the power to customize your event site using ThemeMagic and Template Configuration.

It’s your turn to reinvent your events homepage!

JA Events II features
Built on the latest T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

With the powerful T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3, you will have a trustworthy Joomla framework at hand. Building and customizing Joomla templates are more comfortable.

Fully responsive Joomla events template

With T3 Framework, JA Events II maintains smooth user experience across devices, from desktop to mobile.

Megamenu and Off-canvas menu

Events II helps organizing your menu and navigation with Megamenu on desktop and Off-canvas menu on mobile devices.

Supports Events Booking – Joomla Events Registration extension

Events Booking allows JA Events II users to create events (free and paid) with multiple types of registration (individual, group or shopping cart), and also to accept online payment.

Supports JEvents – Joomla events calendar extension

With JEvents extension, you can create your own Joomla event site with calendar views, event listings, event registrations, tickets and much more.

Support Jticketing (coming soon)

JA Events II will support Joomla event extension JTicketing in the next version.

Support Email Beautifier extension

With Joomla extension Email Beautifier, JA Events II is no longer sending boring emails to event attendees.

RTL languages layout (coming soon)

JA Events II will support RTL layout in upcoming version.

Events Bonus pages

The events template has many custom Joomla pages dedicated for event management i.e. Shortcodes, Typography, Speakers, Sponsors and Pricing Table pages

4 vivid themed colors

With Default, Blue, Orange and Green, JA Events II has a handful of colors for you to play with.

Vinaora Cu3ox Slideshow

Nice 3D Slide-show for Joomla

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