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GVW Villa Bellucci

Elegant, professional design in the Villa Bellucci hotel theme for WordPress provides a solid base for a range of tourist-friendly websites. Museums, art galleries or other cultural hotspots can utilize the magnificent slideshows, photo blocks and post previews to promote their latest exhibits, while hotels or holiday-rental companies will appreciate the special info page templates that provide a simple, effective way to inform your potential guests of what your location has to offer, as well as the frontpage room showcases and reservation plugin that adds a clear, comfortable way for visitors to request bookings or reservations.

Stylish, upmarket WordPress theme for culture-focused tourism sites

The remarkable aesthetics in Villa Bellucci are the perfect way to show tourists the benefits of visiting your establishment. Loaded with multiple slideshows and unique photo layouts, your site can highlight every attraction and every unique service you have available. Hotels can promote their comfortable, spacious rooms, or their exquisitely-designed dining facilities, while museums and galleries can drive up interest in their latest art exhibitions and pack their pages with multiple photos so visitors can see what they’re missing; they’ll be dropping by in no time!

Hotel-specific features and pages help push up your occupancy rates

The aesthetics of your hotel or villa are just one aspect of an effective sale; what really sets you apart is the comfort offered by your rooms, and your high-level of customer service. The Villa Bellucci empowers your team to effectively market your accommodation, with room showcase page templates that put the spotlight on your room amenities and benefits with informative feature lists and image galleries along with beautiful frontpage room showcases. On the features side of things, the Reservation plugin provides a simple way for potential guests to request reservations.

Magnificent photo collections to tempt visitors to your gallery

Run a museum or other art venue? Make sure your new exhibitions get their time in the spotlight with fascinating slides and a touch-friendly gallery to allow visitors to explore your exhibits in advance, while post highlights on the frontpage can bring users up to speed on all the newest events and points of interest. Once they’ve decided to visit, the ready-made contact page has address, email and telephone details, a contact form and even a Google map to make finding you easy. Received some great feedback? The testimonial frontpage section shows off your successes for all to see.

Track guest engagement with newsletters from MailPoet

If you want your business to succeed, it’s important to ensure your customers are informed or all your latest developments; running a new event? Offering refurbished rooms or amazing special discounts? With MailPoet, the complete newsletter plugin for WordPress, you can send out email blasts to your audience instantly. What’s more, we’ve created a special pop-up newsletter call-to-action, which keeps it in view at all times during your users’ browsing and makes signing up to your mailing list take only a moment.

Add your personal touch to your website with the WordPress Customizer

We want customizing your theme to be fun, not frustrating, so we utilize the power of the WordPress Customizer to provide a wealth of options with a real-time preview of changes before they’re saved, so you can mix and match your options to find the combination that suits you. Change colors, adjust layouts, add social media share buttons; there’s even a cookie law banner option to help you meet EU requirements in an instant! The list of settings for you to tinker with goes on, and it’s all within easy reach. Villa Bellucci is an incredible taste of culture, ready to bring your site to the world.

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