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GVW Quark

Build user-friendly websites with a range of style options with Quark for WordPress. A combination of multiple features and frequent updates makes for an ever-improving site experience that allows you to evolve and repurpose your site across a range of needs. Each new style completely redesigns the Quark layout, offering new amazing web-design benefits that blow the competition out of the water. Extra pages and expert designs add flair that’s sure to impress your site visitors from the moment the page loads, with all the enhancements a good multipurpose theme needs. What’s more, Quark offers a page-based frontpage and bonus pages for easy setup and natural, intuitive customization via the Theme Customizer; no frustration here! Buy Quark now and get a site that’s brimming with possibilities whether you’re selling clothes or gadgets, running an eatery, or just promoting your ideas or services.

Break into the business market with a stunning promotional site

There’s a lot of competition in the business world, and you won’t get anywhere doing things by half-measures. The default Quark layout takes contemporary web-design sensibilities and weaves them into a sharply-focused promotional machine. Blow away your visitors with modern animated slides, snappy parallax background pics, and responsive tabs packed with flashy text and image layouts to deliver amazing content to all your users, whether they favor big or small screens.

Display videos, photos, and all your visual content in elegant page blocks

Expansive content is expected on modern websites; audio, images and video extend the reach of your messages, providing new ways to interact with your userbase. Quark includes special ways to show and browse photos and highlight videos on your frontpage in elegant full-width blocks that blend perfectly with the site aesthetic until the user is ready to view them.

Market effectively and drive up interest in your services or wares

It’s one thing to get someone to your site, but quite another to convince them to make a commitment. Quark comes ready-prepared to keep your offers in the spotlight with multiple button styles and call-to-action areas that encourage users to continue exploring your site, along with essential HTML elements like price tables that can provide clear, concise information on what’s included at what cost in an instant.

Your public image is important; stay in touch with your community

There’s a power to good public relations, and it’s essential that your company has a face to put to the name. The default Quark style includes a spectacular, in-depth company introduction page that covers all the essentials; add a welcome message from your CEO, let your team members introduce themselves in animated quotation slides, and show off your accomplishments and trustworthiness with customer testimonials and social media & project counters.

Remix your site and focus on fine dining with the Quark Restaurant layout

Excited for a style change? Our tasty Restaurant restyle is included with every Quark purchase and drives home the rustic ambience a quality eatery strives for. Warm colors complement a tastebud-tingling main page that is piled high with options for detailing every important element your diners will want to know before they visit.

New features and looks for the perfect food site

The remixed frontpage offers a twist, with multiple ways to connect with your potential customers. A special menu area showcases your most spectacular dishes, while a rotating events and blog section keeps visitors informed of any special meals or celebrations you have on the backburner, and a jaw-dropping reservation call-to-action section, with contact information, links to a reservation form, and an amazing visual feast provided by a video background that’s guaranteed to catch the eye and bring people flocking to your location.

Excellent side extras round out your customers’ dining options

It doesn’t stop there; this restyle includes the additional gallery, contact and blog pages, as well as two Restaurant-exclusive pages dedicated to your menu and reservations. Elegant menu pages offer a measured combination of aside images and text, with star icons to draw attention to your popular options, while a dedicated reservation page covers all the information you’ll need to provide a superior dining experience, with a complete contact form including party size, special instructions and date & time requests. Finally, this restyle includes a useful selection of food-themed icons from PixelLove for that special touch of finesse that brings a dish together!

A complete marketing and selling tool for a truly unique product

Embed yourself in consumer’s hearts and minds with the Ecommerce style for Quark. Expertly-designed to amplify your product brand, you can build a fanbase before you even start selling. Learn the power of brand marketing and empower your device or product as a lifestyle choice with options or design that exceeds expectations.
Your customers expect more; give it to them with unique feature highlights

What makes your offerings better than the competition? Whether you choose superior parts, offer sleeker design or more complete, user-friendly options, you need to make sure your clients know about it. Ecommerce comes equipped with a dynamic frontpage style that emphasizes your uniqueness, with animated buttons that open image pop-ups for in-depth information of avialble features, and a brand-new blog post highlighter section that can diversify and expand your content.

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