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S5 Eventfull

Looking for an events design? Eventfull is here and brings you two beautiful themes to choose from in one package. We have styled Eventfull to fit either a business/tech conference event or an athletic one. The design also incorporates the new full page scroll option that is being added to the Vertex framework. We have also added an option to enable a floating menu for the tablet/mobile version of Vertex.

This month brings a few other nice touches. Google maps has been updated to now give you 3 options: default, light gray and dark gray. You can choose between either the standard S5 Flex menu or the S5 Overlay menu. S5 Tab Show incorpated with some custom coding to bring you a layout perfect for your next event. Be sure to check out both demo’s this month to see all that comes with these beautiful designs.

Design Specific Features

  • View These Features On The Demo
  • 100 collapsible core template positions
  • Two menu options: overlay or drop downs
  • 6 custom module suffixes
  • 2 custom highlight colors
  • 2 custom highlight fonts
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters
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