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JBB Lifestyle2

More than just a way of life, Lifestyle2 is designed to be a super flexible full width responsive template for any Joomla site. Built on Bootstrap 3 and T3 it’s the ideal partner for your next Joomla venture.

Flexible, fullwidth, responsive …

Lifestyle2 is a 2014 update for one of our more popular responsive Joomla templates – Lifestyle. Lifestyle2 features a number of design and functionality improvements including a leaner flatter design, full bootstrap and T3 support which means you get the added bonus of almost universal Joomla extension support plus a powerful framework with modern responsive features built into the template.

Get animated with Zentools

The Lifestyle2 demo features the latest version of our Zentools module now has the ability to smoothly slide and fade your images, title text and more in when the content appears in the content.

A new stacked layout for Zentools

Zentools has also been updated to feature a new layout called stacked. Stacked balances full width fixed background images beneath your content items in order to create a faux parallax effect.

Responsive template design

The Lifestyle2 features an intelligent responsive design that changes it’s display
depending on the size of the screen your visitor is viewing your site with. This means that you only need a single design
to work on the multitude of tablets, phones, laptops and desktop screens that your visitor may be viewing your site with.

One Page Enabled

Easily create a beeautiful scrolling one page site layout using the Lifestyle2 one page option.

Lifestyle Classic

For users of the original Lifestyle theme we have made sure that you can replicate the original layout used by that theme in your new Joomla 3 installation. You can see it on the Home – classic menu item on the demo.

Easy to customise

The Theme magic control panel provides extensive control for the theme appearance. It’s a dynamic appearance tool so you can preview changes to colour, font sizes and template width in real time.

Off Canvas Menu

Lifestyle makes full use of the T3 off canvas menu. You can display your main menu or any combination of modules in the off canvas area to create a beautiful streamlined site.

Bootstrap support

Lifestyle uses the T3BS3 framework which uses Bootstrap 3 as it’s core framework. This means that you can take advantage of the cutting edge web technology even though the Joomla core is yet to catch up.

Extensive fonts available

This template allows you to choose from a wide variety of fonts. It’s easy to add to the core font stacks with any of the fonts listed on the Google web font directory. With new fonts added every week the sky is literally the limit.

All in one Zentools module

Zentools is a powerful tool for creating responsive grids, slideshows, carousels, accordions and more. It provides all the functionality you need to populate your site with stunning and flexible responsive layouts using images from a folder, your Joomla or K2 content.

Compatible with Zenkit and K2

This template is compatible with K2 via our stand alone responsive templates for K2 that we call Zenkit. Zenkit is a collection of responsive slideshows, carousel, filterable grid, accordion, blog and magazine layouts that can be easily applied to your K2 content.

T3 Framework Overview

This template uses the T3 framework to power much of it’s functionality. It’s is a powerful and yet lightweight Joomla plugin that serves as a foundation for many of our themes.

Mega Menu

Powerful and flexible mega menu for creating multi column menus as well as adding modules and icons to menu items.

Layout control

Intuitive draggable interface for specifying widths for module positions that can be refined and adjusted according to your user’s screen resolution.

Real time theme customisation

T3 includes a powerful theming tool called Theme Magic. It provides the ability to make real time non-destructive adjustments to the appearance of your theme.

Built in Less compiler

A built in less compiler makes it easy to recompile less files from your live server.

Built on bootstrap

The Bootstrap css and javascript framework is the foundation for Joomla 3 and T3, so the two work together seamlessly.

Built in off canvas menu

T3 supports one of the leading options for mobile navigation by providing an off canvas menu for discrete and intuitive navigation on tablets and phones.

Vinaora Cu3ox Slideshow

Nice 3D Slide-show for Joomla

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