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GV Game

Take it to the next level with Game, the premium Joomla template. Gamers want functionality and usability, but still appreciate a bit of eye-candy. Game provides with clear, concise news and articles and stunning visuals that herald the beginning of the new generation.

Be a visual powerhouse

News is important, but you shouldn’t neglect aesthetics. Game delivers with huge slideshows that dominate the background without interfering with the content of your site, delivered through showcases, tabs and more. Static is old-news; let your users know you’re truly next-gen with a stand-out look to take their breath away!

Pictures or video; Game is ready!

Our News Show Pro module has always been a great showcase for your articles with images, overlaid text and subtle hover effects. Now with a dedicated portal mode exclusive to the Game Joomla template, you can easily link to your videos with all the style offered by NSP, and it will open in a convenient overlay so your users don’t even need to leave your frontpage.

All your news is a click away.

The latest version of GavickPro’s Tabs module lets your news, reviews and more be separated into distinct tabs on your frontpage, so your users will be able to get the information they want instantly. No clicking through endless menus to find the latest stories or big new games; it’s all there from the start.

Craft a magnificent centerpiece

The amazing options built into our Image Show module create powerful, noticeable slides that give a unique style to your site. Whatever you want your users to see; news, previews; reviews or features, it will be seen thanks to the huge yet pleasing background slideshow centerpiece that comes with Game.

Publish articles with K2 or Joomla

Write the best content you can; don’t worry about publishing. With support for both K2 and Joomla articles, you can publish in a way that suits you and spend more time on crafting the perfect feature.

Put fan-favorites where they should be

A new option provided in our News Show Pro module filters your articles by user rating, so the best of the best will be listed on the front page. When your work speaks to the masses, it needs the right platform to be heard from; NSP gives you the power!

Take advantage of advanced typography

The extensive typography options offered by Game provide ample tools to make your articles your own; with block quotes, highlights, icons and much, much more, your article can look as impressive as the content within.

Be unique with predefined styles

We know individuality counts for a lot, so we include several predefined styles that let you swap colors and menus to meet your users’ needs and give your site its own unique look, instantly switchable with the click of a button!

More powerful features

Want to know more? Learn about the extensive and varied feature list we’ve built into all our templates to provide a stable, dependable foundation for your website.

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