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JA Hawkstore

JA Hawkstore is in beta phase (does not include source files and responsive layouts, expect stable version by 11th May 2013

JA Hawkstore is May 2013 responsive Joomla! ecommerce template for Joomla 2.5 featuring Virtuemart shopping cart component. It runs on our brand new T3v3 Framework with tons of backend customization config options. Version for Joomla 3.0 will be released when Virtuemart component is available for Joomla 3.0

JA Hawkstore also features support for K2 component and comes with JA Masshead Module and JA VM products module apart from JA Tabs plugin as complimentary extensions. JA Hawkstore sports big fonts, colored blocks and graffiti styles giving it a trendy look.

JA Hawkstore is built on JA T3V3 Framework – responsive framework for Joomla 2.5 / 3.0.

This template does not support RTL CSS style.

Complimentary Extensions:

JA Masshead Module

Add another header with text and image activated by itemID of the menu items, lets you with unlimited sub page headings for your menu items. see JA Kranos template- K2 categories for example…

JA Slideshow Lite

Display images from a folder. Includes auto-resized images, beautiful animation effects, and inline text-embeded descriptions. This module use css3 to enable animation effects and supports responsive design

JA Tabs

This module enables to load specified modules, categories, contents and even your own defined text, rendered flexibly in tabs, saving your precious page space. Rich configurable effects & template specific styles…

JA Extension Manager

JoomlArt’s very own updates & upgrade manager for extensions & templates. Easy access to changelogs, versions, comparison of files and versions and seamless upgrades…

T3 Framework Features

1. Powerful yet Easy-to-use Administration

For the ease of configuration, we have designed an easy & simple administration back-end interface that allows you to manage and configure any template almost effortlessly.

2. Integrated Bootstrap

T3 Framework is integrated full features and components from Bootstrap aiming to standardize your grid, typography, and modules in just a few clicks away.

3. Responsive

A totally responsive framework that look good on all browsers and devices. The Responsive Layout Configuration feature put you in FULL control to freely customize your website’s layout for various screens’ size.

4. Layouts

T3 Framework layout configuration has been designed to be developer friendly and should provide maximum flexibility for all your advanced layout configures .

5. Megamenu, Off-canvas and Sticky navigation

With the visualize Megamenu Configuration back-end, megamenu configuration can now be easily done. Adding more excitement to the fun, T3 Framework also supports Sticky Navigation.

6. ThemeMagic

ThemeMagic enables you to customize your JoomlArt T3 based Joomla! template without having to search for the right file or without diving deeply into the code.

7. LESS vs CSS

T3 Framework is developed with LESS (open-source dynamic stylesheet language) and can be compiled to CSS at any time.

8. Optimize CSS

Handling a complex site with numerous extensions, the number of CSS file can sometimes be a PITA for you. This unique feature allows you to join and optimize CSS while reducing the number of CSS files.

Vinaora Cu3ox Slideshow

Nice 3D Slide-show for Joomla

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