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RTM Kirigami

Kirigami, the 15th Magento template release, is our first responsive Magento theme. A responsive design adapts itself to a particular viewing environment such as desktop or mobile, without the need for separate layouts for varying platforms.

The theme boasts 10 style variations, with our 12 RokMage extensions seemlessly integrated with the design.

Responsive Magento Template

Kirigami is a responsive Magento theme. That means that there’s no need for an additional mobile version of your store, as the template automatically adapts to the viewing device, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop, based on the resolution of the screen.

This is achieved through @media queries – which can detect the width of the browser window, and allow for different CSS accordingly. It also detects if you are viewing from a mobile device, and if so, will display a mobile optimized version of our ProductView extension, complete with a product image gallery that can be browsed with touch slide gestures.

There are 5 “breakpoints” for the template, each one optimized to display your products prominently, making sure that everyone can browse your store from whatever device they please, from mobiles up to widescreen desktops. For example, the menu system for a smartphone device will be that of a select-field (a select field is a great solution for this because most phones have nice native select UI elements), whilst desktops will get the full animated dropdown menu.

12 Integrated RokMage Extensions

Kirigami utilizes 12 of our custom RokMage Magento extensions, which come fully integrated with the template. Completely configurable from the admin panel, via System -> Configuration -> RT RokMage Modules, these extensions allow you to easily arrange your store exactly how you wish – adding a vast amount of extra options not otherwise available – and giving you unprecedented control over the design of your store.


  • 10 Preset Color Variations
  • MageMenus extension
  • ModalHeader extension
  • HomepageGrid extension
  • CategoryView extension
  • ContentSlider extension
  • ProductScroller extension
  • ProductView extension
  • CmsCallouts extension
  • ImageBorders extension
  • FooterBlock extension
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