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You asked for it. Many of you mentioned that you wanted and needed an environmentally-themed Joomla Template, well, here it is. Natural is a new Joomla Template that’s marked by easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality. The 6 soft colors and the simple and versatile layout lend themselves to fit a large variety of clients and the needs of their sites. Sure, it works with an enviromental theme perfectly, but we also feel it will suit, pardon the pun, a corporate site as well.

Natural is an adaptable, all purpose, and versatile Joomla Template and comes with 6 color, CSS3, and 12 collapsible module positions. Plus, you can easily customize the column layouts, background style, logo and other elements from the template parameters.

Reliable and fast because its built on the Wright Framework

Natural is built using versatile and dynamic Wright Framework. The Wright Framework is our magnum opus. The Wright Framework is a major upgrade to our previous methods of creating templates. The name is in honor of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, because the framework is like a blueprint. It provides a solid, yet lithe foundation to build from, and helps to keep the entire template together while merging some unique features and tools.  Because Natural is now built on the Wright Framework, it will quickly and easily become a Joomla 3.0 Template.


  • 6 Template themes.
  • 12 collapsible module zones*
  • Elegant typography
  • One Zip file for 1.5//2.5
  • Progressive enhancements
  • Custom module chrome

* a m just a container that can contain none, one or many individual modules.  If there are no modules enabled in a posiiton then it collapses and you are not left with empty space.odule zone is

The following is included with the purchase of the Natural template:

  • The template install file.
  • Source Graphics used to create the template, allowing easy customization of template graphics.
  • A guarantee the template will work with default Joomla, and that bugs in Network if found will be fixed in a timely manner.
  • Access to the Community Forum for help with template setup, customization and Joomla usage.
  • 6 Color Styles.

What’s NOT Included

  • The sample content seen in the demo, including articles and sample images.
  • The images used in the demo do not come with the installation zip file.
  • Guaranteed help with template setup, customization and usage, except what may be found by posting in the Community Forum.
  • Joomla usage help.
  • Shackslides from Joomlashack
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