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Nowadays more than ever design is making a major impact in any organization business and revenues. Think about Apple and how their excellent design plays a big role in their stellar sales.

IceTheme is well known for its elegant designed templates with a different style and idea to convey for each of them. This happens because every premium template of ours is built-in with precise scope in mind.

For April 2012 we have come with a special premium template to please our members. IT TheChurch theme with its superb design and with every detail made to perfection, will be the best choice for your church, ministry, non-profit or school related projec. IceTheme has thought of every aspect of this kind of project from the “next live event” module to the “donate” module or social links.

New for IT TheChurch premium template, you will find the IcePanel module. This simple yet very useful module has 2 operating modes. One to display e login panel and on the other hand to display a set of modules on the the hidden panel that saves lots of space.

Also, with 4 available color schemes, 5 modified IceTheme extensions, an out-of-box structure plus a spectacular design that will wow your websites visitors, IT TheChurch template is definitely your time-saver


All IceTheme Joomla Templates are built-in first with your website and your website-users in mind, mean that we carefully provide all tools and features that you may need to accomplish your and your-users goals.

Clone Installer

Get your website exactly as our demo within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer package.

Fast Templates

Our templates are fast but the IceSpeed plugin will increase the performance by 400%+/p>

Template Styles

Match exactly your project colors by chossing one of the pre-built available color schemes

PSD Files

Easily modify all the template design part as we provide the full Photoshoped files

Browsers Support

Add with ease any HTML code as we have provided a full list of the most used codes.

Rich Typography

All our templates are built-in with a rich typography so that you may easy use almost all html codes.

Built-in Extensions

For each template you will find custmozed extensions to suit the overwall layout and design.

Clean Code

Valid code is in the core of our premium templates. Plus Google will love more your site.

Secure Templates

Our templates are as extreme secure as Joomla is. Sleep well at night with this kind of security

Vinaora Cu3ox Slideshow

Nice 3D Slide-show for Joomla

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