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Designing premium templates with a precise purpose has become one of IceTheme main objectives in our design process. We are doing this to make our members’ work easier, as we provide all the tools and features that their project requires so that they can change as few things as possible!

For May 2012 we have come with a special release for our template club members. The IT Motor theme features a stylish dark design with carbon fiber elements to immediately give your website the look and feel of a professional automotive company.

As you view the Demo you will be delighted with the large slideshow and will start thinking how great will be to display your big pictures there. Scrolling down you will notice that all things are at their place and you will see how simple is to finish your next vehicles-based project.

After putting IT Motor in the site and installing the marvelous ExpAutos extension (this component is not included in the template package and you will need to purchase it at its developer site), it will be as easy as pie to get yourself a stunning and user friendly car based website. All the modules that come within this extension such as search, filter vehicles module, mortgage, categories etc. have been modified to suit the design of IT Motor. As these changes have been saved in the database of the template, they will show up automatically once ExpAuto is installed. What is more, we have gone a step further by making ExpAutoscompatible with our own modules. The IceAccordion and IceCarousel are ready to display your vehicles in an accordion and carousel way, typical of these modules.

Words are not enough for us to tell you how great this premium template is but viewing the Demo you can be sure to know why!

Classic Features

All IceTheme Joomla Templates are built-in first with your website and your website-users in mind, mean that we carefully provide all tools and features that you may need to accomplish your and your-users goals.

Clone Installer

Get your website exactly as our demo within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer package.

Fast Templates

Our templates are fast but the IceSpeed plugin will increase the performance by 400%+/p>

Template Styles

Match exactly your project colors by chossing one of the pre-built available color schemes

PSD Files

Easily modify all the template design part as we provide the full Photoshoped files

Browsers Support

Add with ease any HTML code as we have provided a full list of the most used codes.

Rich Typography

All our templates are built-in with a rich typography so that you may easy use almost all html codes.

Built-in Extensions

For each template you will find custmozed extensions to suit the overwall layout and design.

Clean Code

Valid code is in the core of our premium templates. Plus Google will love more your site.

Secure Templates

Our templates are as extreme secure as Joomla is. Sleep well at night with this kind of security

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