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Epicure is an elegant responsive Joomla template with subtle textures and refined typography. It features a responsive slideshow using our new Zentools module which means you can have a responsive and mobile friendly website and a powerful slideshow module to showcase your wares.

Other features:

Awesome font control

Combine the power of the 250+ font families available in the Google Font Directory with the simplicity of the Typekit font replacement system.

Flexible layouts

Choose from fixed width, percentage based fluid and mobile friendly responsive layouts. Also conveniently hide module on mobile devices.

Easily change template colours

Easily change template colours using the built-in colour picker and custom selectors.

Translation and localisation

All templates are easily localised by simply editing or creating your own language translation of both the template admin and the template front end.

A multitude of modules

Almost all Zen Grid Framework based templates take advantage of the 50+ module positions that exist in the core framework. You wont always need to use 50 module positions but if you do – then we have you covered.

Social Icons

Integrated support for twitter, Facebook and a stack of other social media links and icons.

CSS and Javascript Compression

The framework combines and compresses the javascript and css delivered by the template and framework which reduces http requests when loading the site and reduces files sizes of your web site’s core assets.

Easily add your own css and javascript

Upload your own css and javascript files to the template’s user folder and have them automatically included in your site.

Integrated Google Analytics

Easily set up Google analytics on your Joomla website by simply pasting your analytics code into the template administrator interface.

Hidden Panel

Need to create a slick fly out or dropdown panel for your Joomla site? Just publish any module to a panel position and the framework will do the rest.

Remove Mootools

If you dont need Mootools on your site then it’s easy to set the option to not load Mootools on your site which can be a significant advantage when it comes to page load on your site.

A beautiful user interface

Version 2 of the Zen Grid Framework sports a beautiful user interface that makes using framework a true joy.

Template admin access control

Ever have a customer that likes to fiddle with template settings? The Zen Grid framework now gives you the option to remove selected options from the template administrator interface.

A beautiful offline page

When your site isn’t quite ready to show to the world you can show a simple and streamlined offline page for your users.

Useful frontend debug mode

Easily display helpful template information and settings on the front end of your site to help familiarise yourself with framework functionality.

Built-in documentation

Never leave the template admin again with the complex built-in framework and template documentation built into the template interface.

Clean markup

The Zen Grid Framework features clean and reusable markup based on a flexible and scalable percentage grid that makes it super easy to scale your content according to screen size.

Three menu systems to choose from

Each Zen Grid Framework template has the option of displaying your menus in either a jQuery powered superfish menu, split menu or accordion like panel menu. The menus are delivered via the core Joomla menu module and are a snap to set up.

Tabbed Modules

A tabbed interface can easily be created by simply publishing any module of your choosing to the tab1, tab2, tab3, tab4 positions. Take a look at the Meridian Joomla template’s front page for a quick demo.


The framework also supports a png fix for transparent images for the Internet Explorer 6 browser.


Removing our branding on the front end of the template is an easy toggle in the template admin.

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