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Technik is a wonderful template for Joomla! 1.7 inspired by technology and developed for technology driven businesses. Thanks to the own developed Skitter Slider Module, Technik provides an amazing, modern and stylish design. Also lots of flexible features. It integrates visually with various extensions such as K2 Component to ease your work and get your job done much more than fast.

The package includes REAL Quickstart Installation Pack for Joomla! 1.7 and PSD Sources for various graphics used on the demo site.

Technik Template is a unique template, with consistent typography, new design ideas, new and unique features, as well as beautiful sample content.

Key Features

  • K2 Content Component Support
  • Ajax Search Module
  • Unique Login Register Pop-up Module
  • The best Javascript based slider for Joomla!
  • Unique, XHTML valid and typographically consistent design.
  • DJ Slider with unique full width sample slides and additional styling.
  • Header becomes transparent when using the slideshow position.
  • Module Description – a unique feature to add a short module description below the module title.
  • Google Maps Plugin to spice up the contact page.
  • Custom Form Elements – another unique feature powered by CSS3 & jQuery, to add more style to your checkboxes, radio boxes and select elements.
  • DNP Sweet Social Icons – Custom Social Icons to link your communication chanels.
  • Link Cooltips – when hovering links the titles look great.
  • 5 color variations on light and dark background: green, blue, orange, red and black.
  • Custom error and offline pages.
  • Amazing design for the Search Module and the Main Navigation (for all menu styles of course: Mega, CSS , Split & Dropline).
  • Beautiful CSS3 powered typography with 2 styles price tables, bubbles, blockquotes, lists and everything you need for your content.
  • 28+ Module Positions on 2 very flexible desktop layouts.
  • 20+ Module Styles for all kinds of content.
  • Sticky bottom bar with site pathway, Go to top link and social icons.
  • jQuery 1.6 minimized included & running in “no-conflict” mode for various template features.
  • Mobile Ready Layouts – redesigned
  • Automatic Adjustments to enhance template typography
  • Complete Documentation available with the Quickstart Sample Data and also on the Demo Site.
  • Forum Support.
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