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Jubilee’s recipe is no secret and we’re proud to say it contains:

  • 14 Module Positions The module positions are topmenu, search, menu, left, right, above, below, bottommenu, footer, modules-1, modules-2, modules-3 or modules-4.
  • 3 flavors to choose from including chocolate, strawberry, mint.
  • 960 Grid-powered Jubilee uses the popular 960 grid to achieve its sophisticated layout options. The 960 grid promotes balance, consistent white space, and usability.
  • CSS3 fueled CSS3 styles that degrade gracefully for older browsers
  • Built in Sliderman Slideshow No need to install anything extra, the Jubilee template comes with the template and will show up on the homepage.

Jubilee comes in 3 flavors with an ample white space design. Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mint – ALL for free!

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