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The original design is StyleShout’s Colourise 1.0, awesome work from Erwin Aligam. I had modified text color scheme and typography to be more legible and more suitable for both Latin and Thai characters (my native).

Due to the layout had been radical changed for the new release (colourise-6.x-2.x), so I have to remove the 960GS framework from the theme. But I got some new idea for theme layout from Holy Grail Layout and code sample from Drupal Basic theme. If you are a web designer, those stuff I’ve mentioned above will save your life from the vast time consuming job, like creating Drupal theme.


  • Site name
  • Site slogan
  • Mission statement
  • Top search box
  • Shortcut icon
  • Primary Links
  • User pictures in posts and comment
  • Accessibility Navigation
  • Tableless Layout
  • Top and Bottom content block regions
  • 3 Footer block regions
  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.1
  • Cross-browser checked (IE6/7, Opera, Safari, and Firefox)

New Features in Colourise-6.x-2.x

  • Built-in theme settings
  • 1 Left, 1 Right, Both or None sidebars support
  • 6 levels of page width, from 780px, 840px, 960px, 1020px, 1140px and Fluid page width. (inside theme settings)
  • jQuery Transparent PNG Fix
    for IE6 and below (inside theme settings)
  • Add/Remove your own customized CSS stylesheet (inside theme settings)
  • Add/Remove Breadcrumb (inside theme settings)
  • Maintenance page included
  • Print media CSS included
  • Thai translation for theme settings interface (มีอินเตอร์เฟสภาษาไทยใน theme settings ครับ)
  • Bi-directional (BiDi) support (need feedback/suggestion from RTL users/developers – Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew and more)
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