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The Ecolift Joomla template an elegant environmental theme with soft grunge elements combined with an organic crafty feel. Its the perfect template for creative artists, green businesses or even handmade arts and crafts websites. Its built on our super flexible and easy to use Zen Grid Framework and comes with a wide range of features.

Fabric stitching and grunge elements
The Ecolift Joomla template balances rough edges and stitched up craft elements against a h2 grid based design to provide a solid structure to build your content on. There are enough rough edges to help create a point of difference for your business and to push the green theme but its also clean and minimal which makes it accessible and easy to read. The template comes with six rich colour themes that are all based around earthy, green and natural colour palettes. You can see the schemes in the gallery above.

Slideshow3 in stitches
The Ecolift Joomla template has a unique template layout for our JB Slideshow module and it features on the front page of the demo. We have built the slideshow to replicate a tabbed layout which means you can use your Joomla or K2 content items in a nifty tabbed interface which is ideal for highlighting your featured or must read information.

Built on the Zen Grid Framework
Our Zen Grid framework makes it incredibly easy to make layout and colour changes to your site with zero templating or coding knowledge. No more digging into code to adjust the width of an element and logo replacement is a breeze. The new framework also sports a brand new template interface that puts the plethora of Zen Grid parameters into an easy to use and understand user interface.

K2 Template
We are big fans of the K2 component for Joomla and every front end template we have released this year has come replete with a full K2 template. K2 is often described as Joomla 1.6 for Joomla 1.5 but in a nutshell it provides extra functionality that extends the content options and potential for Joomla. The newstream K2 Joomla template is designed to be used as a blog / magazine layout and supports multiple author websites.

For more information regarding K2 check the main K2 site.

50+ Module Positions
There are 50+ module positions in this template and because its built on the Zen Grid framework it means that the module positions are the same as used in all of our other zen grid framework compatible themes. This means less overhead in learning where the positions are as well as learning how to configure them.

Google Web fonts support
The Zen Grid Framework is now capable of supporting Google font replacement. Font replacement has been around for a while but with varied results across browsers. Google’s solution is the most solid font replacement solution in our opinion and so we have added some flexible options for implementing replacement fonts in your template.

Package Contents

  •     xhtml and css valid Joomla 1.5 Template
  •     Joomla 1.5 Quickstart package
  •     Full PSD source files
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