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After 2 very successful releases of IT TheStore 1, IT TheStore 2 and listening to our members suggestions; we have made one of the best VirtueMart powered Joomla templates on the market. We are confident on our statement as the marvelous IT TheStore3 will add a tremendous numbers of benefits to your arsenal…

As you are watching the demo you will immediately notice how we have given attention to every single pixel and how the layout is well-structured and balanced through a grid-system. IT TheStore 3 Joomla Template is the perfect choice for your VirtueMart project as it includes:

  • Brand new and enhanced VirtueMart theme for your shop.
  • Add any default VirtueMart extension without any worries that it may break!
  • Display your shop categories with our IceMenu dropdown/accordion modules.
  • Let your members update their cart with Ajax technology.
  • Show your products in a nice and smooth way with our IceCarousel Module

Change the look with a choice of 6 different styles!

IT TheStore 3 Joomla template is built-in with an amazing set of 6 different stylish color variations controlled by easy to edit CSS . You can easily change the template style in the Template Manager located in the Joomla backend. Your users can have an option to change the style on the fly through our template style-changer…

Improve your website with our extensions!

We at IceTheme are careful not only on the design details for each template that we release but also we think on how your website may be more usable and accessible for your end-users. With our Joomla extensions that we have made available for this template, you have the possibility to enhance your content by providing to your users short-cuts; which will make their tasks easy and convenient…

Setup your site like this demo within 15 minutes!

IceTheme is here to make your life as easy as possible providing you the tools that you may need to make your website working as fast as a simple Joomla Installation. With the “Clone Installer” package you have the possibility to make your website exactly as you see on this demo…

Unique Features

  • Built in VirtueMart extension (VM theme and extensions ready)
  • New IceMenu Module with 3 options (dropdown and accordion and ability to display VM categories)
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) languages fully support
  • 6 Template Styles
  • 9 Template Styles
  • Modified and improved IceSlideShow module
  • Ajax Search ready
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